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Did you all know that the guy from the Shins, Marty, is the same Marty who visited Elyse, from Americaís Next Top Model, in New York?

Thanks for all the positive feedback on my pattern design. Itís one of the few things Iím doing right now that brings me pleasure.

This is a typical day for rue-madame:

- wake up early (today: 6am)

- make tea, steep for 5 mn, add honey and milk, sip

- sit at computer and check email

- start working on stupid project (today: 6:35 am)

- have lunch at 2pm

- work

- have tea and a snack at 5

- work

- at 7pm, have glass of wine, eat whatever Terence has cooked (tonight: Rabbit Ridge Shiraz, salad and a quiche aux onions)

- check email

- watch tv or read

- sleep

Daily hours worked (on average): 11.5

If I feel like Iíve accomplished a lot before 8:30am, I go to yoga at 9. If I work though ten and the client doesnít call, I go to yoga at 10:30. If the client calls repeatedly throughout the morning, I postpone yoga til the afternoon. Today I didnít go to class because I felt too overwhelmed by the project.

My new challenge is the high res images which have been dropped into the Quark documents. When I try to manipulate type or imagery, Quark crashes on my machine.

Iíve got tons of memory for storage, but my piddly processor is only 450 mHz. I donít have enough computing power! Iíve known for a while that Iíve needed a new box, but Iím not prepared to buy one for this project. Frankly, Iím more than a little irritated this project is going to force me to buy a new Mac. Iíd like to spend the money on other things like rent, bills, student loans, and clothes.

Irritation. Thereís a lot of that over here chez rue-madame. I think I finally figured out why and here it is: in life, you usually have time OR money. Right now, I have neither and I donít like it one bit.

The money part I dealt with today. Both of my invoices have been submitted to the megacorporation, and I am now waiting to find out if they are in the AP pipe. I sincerely hope so because I need it for Dec. bills and Christmas presents.

Iíve been told that if I meet the Dec. 20th deadline, I may have 2-3 weeks off in December. If I get paid and I get time off, I am either LEAVING THE COUNTRY or GOING TO NEW YORK. I need a vacation, not time with family. I am tired and cranky, and want to spend what little free time I have on me and Terence. We deserve it.

Here is something that brought me joy today: I just found the Marc Jacobs boots that I so wanted last winter (in black though, not in red.) They are a half size too big, but so cheap, that Iím going to watch the auction and possibly bid on them. I can always buy inserts.

OMG, I am so fucking exhausted I can barely type now...

8:20 p.m. - 2003-11-24



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