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Sweating the minutiae

Let’s talk turkey. Ha! That was my friend Harriet’s joke yesterday, and it cracked me up. My joke at this time of year is that things aren’t merely jive, they’re jive turkey. That never fails to make me laugh.

I like Thanksgiving.

This year I’m going to another potluck extravaganza, and I’m making a wild rice/pinenut/dried apricot thing, and an appetizer that consists of covering a wheel of brie in caramelized sugar then topping it decoratively with roasted almonds. The rice thing I’ve made before and it’s tops (and vegetarian, for those who like animals as their friends.) The cheese thing is an experiment that (I hope) will look as pretty as the picture in my Martha Stewart hors d’oeuvres book.

You know, when my mother gave me that MS cookbook for Christmas a few years ago, I thought, “Wow, how pretty and... pretty useless!” But actually, the book’s come in real handy. I’ve followed Martha’s recipes for spiced nuts and fondue to great acclaim, and the step-by-step instructions are clear and organized.

But enough about that. No one’s bid on the boots I want! Yay for me!! The auction ends tomorrow, and I am going to watch it like a hawk. I am so broke right now I truly have no business buying anything at all--as it is, I may have to borrow money for bills this month--but I’d be a fool to let these boots slip through my fingers. Retail, they were $775 or something. I will look smashing in my cardboard box on Santa Monica Boulevard.

I haven’t mentioned my client. Let me do that now: she is SUCKING the lifeforce out of me. She asks me to do things, then she changes her mind and acts like the changes were my idea. She asks me to pick colors, then she picks her own and asks me what I think. She tells me to go light on a typeface, then she turns around and tells me to go heavier, all the while acting like it was my fucking idea in the first place to use a “thin” or an “ultralight.”

Can you see why I cringe every time the phone rings?

I’m taking a bath. Hold all my calls.

4:55 p.m. - 2003-11-26



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