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I'm sorry, a list of things...

Alright. Some news:

- I bid on some MJ boots and got them! Of course, I had to be one of those psycho ebay users and get up at 4:45 am today to do so. I had anticipated a last minute shootout with other registered users (this is what always happens which is why I always bid late,) but I was the only one crazy enough to set her alarm for the crack of dawn. Since I paid the opening bid price, I splurged on shipping so I can have them in time for Christmas. Happy Holidays to ME!

- I still haven’t been paid, but they promise that this week, I should receive check number one. Only two more outstanding, and two more to be sent! So much for the season of sharing...

- I went to a comic book/punk rock bazaar, and it made me realize how old I am. The lighting was bad, the walls were painted black, it smelled of Pine-Sol and dirty hair. Eww! The cleverest marketing was by one crafty person who made cock socks out of faux fur, then displayed them on sticks so they looked like hairy chocolate covered bananas. The cutest things were made by the talented Art Center kids that I know, and their table was mobbed.

- I am still moving to Connecticut. Looks like Terence will head out there mid-January, and I will follow at the end of February, with a few conjugal/house hunting visits in between.

- a friend has convinced us to have a New Year’s Eve dinner. We’ve got to move two computers, two printers, a print server and a scanner to make the dining room more accommodating. I resisted the idea at first, but am now warming to the notion of cooking abig, fancy meal for friends. Champagne, bouillabaisse, salad, what could be finer?

- Barry’s (pronounced Bah-ry) tea. It’s the Irish equivalent of Tetley’s. Very good. Also good is this Mighty Leaf stuff, but dang it if it ain’t exshpensive. But look at the adorable logo! I had some of the orange-jasmine tea at Joan’s on Third the other day, and it was delightful.

- I’ve decided to head up to SF for Christmas (I’ve been granted a week off) and we are staying at Mr Bingo’s (party because we want to, partly because my parents informed me that there isn’t any vacancy at their place so we’d have to stay at the creepy neighbor’s.)

I have so much fucking work to do AGAIN, STILL, NOW that I must wrap this up.

10:01 a.m. - 2003-12-15



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