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Even the score in 2004!

Question: How do you feel about a rectal exam?

a) I thought youíd never ask.

b) Bottoms up!

c) Do I have a choice?

If you answered c), then you answered as I did on 12/30/03. On the penultimate day of the year, I had an hour and a half long appointment with a gastroenterologist. He looked up my old address, poked and prodded, asked me about anal sex frequency, and then affably suggested I consult with a surgeon.

At least I know that Iím not dying. And that it isnít cancer. Or hemorrhoids (which, even after months of googling and webmd surfing, I still canít fucking spell. Is that really a word you want to be good at spelling anyway?)

On 12/31, Terence and I ran all over creation shopping and running errands in preparation for a New Yearís Eve bouillabaisse for 8. There was seafood, bread, cheese, lots and lots of wine and champagne, lots of conversation and laughter. We stayed up til 2:15 tripping the tealights fantastic, and Terence was loaded and hilarious (until about 2:17 when he got very, very ill.)

Hello hangover! 2004 is off to a tremendous start.

I somehow even managed to get a haircut at the ungodly hour of 9:15am yesterday, and now find myself with another adorable bob with--surprise!--very groovy tapered bangs over my right eye. I startled even myself with my Cuteness with a capital C, and even feel for the first time in a while that my hair projects exactly what it needs to about my personality and interests. I love my stylist to pieces. She so totally kicks 58 kinds of ass in the hair department. I even got a hug when it was all over. So much love over there in Burbank.

Today we went to our friendsí house for their Hair Of The Dog party. Yay! The only kind of dog that Iím not actually allergic to. Everyone there was supernice and friendly, and I drank an entire can of Coke and it was delicious. Sometimes Coca Cola tastes so incredibly amazing that itís not hard to imagine that it was once considered a health tonic. I felt almost restored.

The restoration will now continue with a burrito and some movie viewing. More news t/k (including Christmas highlights and the annual present breakdown.)

6:18 p.m. - 2004-01-01



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