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I checked my diary archives, and I donít think I had any resolutions last year. Woohoo! That means I didnít disappoint myself. I donít know that Iíll have any this year, but Iím keeping an open mind in case some come to me in a brilliant flash of inspiration.

I got paid a little bit, and was promised another payment the following week, but when I called to check in, the check wasnít there. I called again a few days later, and my call was very obviously avoided. Guess what I have to do tomorrow morning? It irritates me to no end that Iíve been working on this fucking idiotic project non-stop since October 6th, and Iíve been paid ONCE, eventhough Iíve sent THREE invoices.

I hate this client and the middlemen who are not paying me. I am dreading tomorrow morning.

Fortunately, it is not dark in other areas of my life. With what little I have been paid, Iíve been shopping. Not only have I bought clothes, but I have also acquired new towels and a new electric cordless Russell Hobbs kettle.

On the clothing list, nothing really extravagant: marc jacobs boots from ebay (I didnít have to pay the original pricetag of $775!), red tights ($9.99!), Wolford fishnets (practically free because I had a $25 gift card to Saks,) jean skirt ($12.99!), black wool skirt, camel wool skirt, 2 bras, 5 pairs of underwear, 3 pairs of knee-high socks (3 for $15!) Itís been so fun, opening up the closet and having options. Havenít had those for a long ass time.

The towels are linen colored if youíre interested, and the kettle is an even better model that the one I used to own. I couldnít repo the original kettle Iíd loaned to an Irish friend of ours--instead of tears in beers, tears in Guinnesses? Or at the very least, tears in Barryís?--so I searched the interweb for a new one. It should arrive Tuesday, just in time for afternoon tea.

The other very, very exciting, new to me thing is my new camera. Terence bought me a Lomo for Christmas! Iíve got other ďtoyĒ cameras, but this one is a cut above the rest. For one, no light leaks! I wonít have to tape up the back of the camera to prevent weird streaks on the film. Iíll know more about technique when I have the film developed. Other things I got for Christmas: new April March cd (that I canít stop listening to. Itís genius!,) a good bottle of Nuits Saint Georges, an Art Nouveau book, a book from the El (the the?) Greco exhibit at The Met, a cookbook, a gift card to Borders, new Leviís, tons of cookies, stickers, a Jordan Crane framed and signed print, a cami/panty set from French Kitty, and a good luck cat.

Today Iíve got to exchange some knickers, buy thank you cards, stop by Meltdown, attempt yoga after a 3 week hiatus (Iím going to die) and research hair dryers and straightening irons. These new little bangs of mine are insanely cute, but require some flattening. Oh yeah, and Iíve got to work.

Back in the saddle again...

10:14 a.m. - 2004-01-04



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