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My Sovereign Heart

I’m such a dork that I downloaded some OC wallpaper, and my desktop is now missile-pop bright with Seth Cohen ultra airbrushed to perfection.

How much do I LOVE that show? More than is reasonable. I heard a Beulah song on Wednesday’s episode and emailed the band to congratulate them. My email said something like, “Wow, congratulations, that’s cool, hope your aural appearance translates to increased sales and world domination.” This is what I got back:

“i'm sure there are plenty of kids asking "what was that lame sixties song doing on the oc last night." oh well.”

This OC fan was mighty excited! Keep your chin up, Beulah! Miles, take your meds! I’m more than a shade older than the tv show’s principal demographic, but I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Beulah could clean Rooney’s clock.

Things on the project are going well. For once, things aren’t too stressful, but I know that it’s just the calm before the storm.

My love has also been swelling for my new kettle. If you’re a serious tea drinker, you need to own an electric kettle. The water boils faster, hotter, better... it’s like the Six Million Dollar Man appliance! The best kettles as far as this snob is concerned are the ones made by Russell Hobbs. They’re tricky to find these days because Salton bought R-H, and any R-H models you find are old or used. After some research, I located a perfect, NIB, never been used Sovereign model for a great price. It’s an improvement over the last model I owned, and it was cheaper to boot. Yay for me.

Terence had to get a drug test for his new job, and he was totally freaked out. “It’s a violation of my civil liberties and my privacy!” he complained. “I know, but you’re going to pass. Unless they test for caffeine intake.” The clinic he went to was shabby and beat-up, and the clientele was really weird (except for the guy who was a dead ringer for Biz Markie.) Terence felt he’d been socio-economically demoted. Quit your moaning and send some money to the ACLU.

I received a health questionnaire from the surgeon’s office today. I called my parents to get an update on their health as well as the health of dead relatives cause I need all that info for the form. Man, I’ve got some crap genes floating around! Here I am, thinking I’m a healthy specimen, a model of clean living, and I have an aunt who had regular bouts of gout? Great grandparents with who stroked out multiple times> High blood pressure, cancer, hepatitis and HIV? WTF?

At least, my hair still looks good.

2:50 p.m. - 2004-01-09



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