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Large and in charge

No updates lately, and no yoga either. Iíve been too busy slaving away to even leave the house for fun or sit at the computer for leisure. This is so wrong on so many fronts. I will attempt to correc that a little bit right now.

I did, however, manage to get taken out to dinner AND a movie last night. We all met at El Compadre and ate caution-your-plate-is-hot Mexican food, then trooped over to the ArcLight for Ď21 Grams.í Itís my travail alimentaire boosted with entertainment. Thatís what happens when you design another logo for a friend.

I liked the food at EC more than I liked the movie, and I realize thatís apples and oranges. I was irritated with how Naomi Watts character was a mom in Memphis, but wore Marc by MJ. Where would she buy that? Was it supposed to be a visual cue that her life pre-marriage, pre-two kids was kinda hip? I didnít buy it for a second. And her husband was supposedly an architect, but he didnít look like any architect Iíve ever known. His hair wasnít groomed, and his clothes werenít right, and the furniture in his house was way, way too Pottery Barn. Those kinds of details always bug me.

Itís like when you see a low-budget indie movie, and you canít stop counting all of the IKEA pieces framing the action. Maybe Iím the only one who does that? Or the three scooters they used for ĎThe Talented Mr Ripleyí (they just moved them around from scene to scene... yeah, there are only three scooters in all of 1950s Italy) or also in that same movie, the 1960s espresso machine they use for their coffee... I guess this means Iím detail-oriented?

Anyway, other than that, and making dinner for a friend, the week has flown by. Cooking has been my escape: I made a roasted pumpkin, radicchio and feta salad with lime juice and pinenuts that nobody but me really appreciated. I made snickerdoodles, as well as enchiladas verdes, and chicken soup. And I wonder why I tip the scales at the doctorís office! I need to get serious here, and return to my life of salades composťes and cuisine allegťe.

7:39 a.m. - 2004-01-23



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