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bright side

Iím supposed to be designing some endpapers for a hardcover right now, but I donít feel like it. I already spent the morning cleaning up 3 covers, and plopping in barcodes and author photos. Over the weekend, I revised 18 chapters, PDFíd and uploaded them to the clientís server.

Cut me some slack if I donít feel like being super productive today. I worked Saturday AND Sunday.

I did manage a wee break today for lunch at Canterís. It was delicious but now Iíve got half of a pastrami reuben sulking in my stomach, and another half plotting revenge in the fridge. Why do I do this to myself? I would have been so much better off with a salad or a tuna sandwich.

I donít have much to say today. I feel totally drained by this constant work, and my neverending anxiety over moving across the country.

I got a flyer for Sigerson Morrisonís Crazy Sale, and it barely registered a blip on my normally excitable fashion radar. This is how I know that things are not hunky dory chez rue-madame! Another example: both Vogue and W arrived last week, and I tore through them without savoring every little detail and photo. Theyíre already in the recycling bin.

I canít believe Terence leaves for New Haven on Saturday. Heíll be gone for three whole weeks! I donít think weíve been apart that long since weíve known eachother. Iím sure it will be fine. Weird, but fine. Iím trying to accentuate the positive: I can hog all the hot water and eat toast three times a day.

OMG, I need a major nap.

3:50 p.m. - 2004-01-26



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