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I spy with my little eye

I saw Janet Jacksonís boob.

Normally I donít watch tv in the middle of the day because it depresses me, but the pledge drive on kcrw was making me nuts and I was too lazy to pick out a cd so I turned on the idiot box. I only turned around and paid attention because I was intrigued by Rhythm Nation segueing into Rock Your Body.

I saw Vince Vaughn. He is very tall.

I was fantasizing about dessert while walking home from yoga, and decided to stop at Canterís to get a cookie. As I approached, I noticed a bunch of trucks and PAs and ridiculously bright lights. I was undeterred. I mean, they are always fucking shooting in LA! Why should I let that prevent me from buying a cookie? Of course, I had to wait til they yelled cut to complete the transaction, but I was able to spend that time watching Vince hulk into the restaurant in a silly outfit. Coming to a theater near you.

I watched a cab pick up Terence at 6 am on Saturday morning. I canít believe heís been gone just two little days. I miss him so idiotically, itís a good thing Iíve got this asinine project to suck up all of my free time.

And now, for that cookie.

7:19 p.m. - 2004-02-02



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