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The day after

Iím going to lighten the mood a bit.

But first Iíd like to say that although I have some slight cramps and residual bloating, I am good. My body and hormones are slowly adjusting to post-abortion unpregnant me, and I feel more and more like myself as the minutes tick by.

When the doctor finished up yesterday, he touched my stocking-ed foot and talked to me about sex and spontaneity, and how having children pretty much kills the spontaneity for good. It was funny, and reassuring. He said to wait two weeks before having sex, and Terence said, ďOh...weíre not having sex...ever again.Ē The doctor laughed, and said, ďOk, thatís my cue to leave.Ē It couldnít have been better scripted.

I still have not packed a goddamned thing, and the movers arrive in 2 days. Two days!!! Oh my god, I have really got to motivate. This is insane. At least the project is finished (except for intermittent calls from the film house about production things) and the client is happy.

I guess I didnít really lighten the mood. And now thereís no time because Iíve got to run to the bank to get some cash for dinner. Thereís one aspect of moving I like: eating out a lot because you donít want to fill your fridge with groceries. Woohoo!

6:24 p.m. - 2004-02-24



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