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Olde Timey

We tried to buy the Sunday papers today, and the clerk looked at us like we were crazy, like “Why would you want to buy the Sunday paper on Saturday?”

Oh, small towns. They are silly.

The other funny thing about New Haven, besides the fact that we tried to buy those aforementioned papers at a shop called ‘News Haven,’ is that lots of pizzerias are called ‘apizza’ instead of ‘pizza.’ We drove by an apparently good one called ‘Modern Apizza” and at 6pm, there was a throng collected out front.

“Oh my a-god! Look at that a-line! That’s a-crazy!” we screamed.

Nuttier than even ‘apizza’ is people having dinner at 6pm. What the hell? Every restaurant was packed, and not just with old people trying to get the Early Bird Special; there were young people eating as well! I will never understand this. It must be because people in this country don't enjoy a goûter at 4, or apéritifs at 6. They get hungry after work and just plunge into a full-blown meal. But isn't this the Land of Snackers? Don't Americans snack all the time? Why are folks so famished at 6?

And for that matter, why are so many towns preceded by "Old" here? Duh, it's old! It's from the "hear yee, hear yee" days!

News at 11.

7:14 p.m. - 2004-03-06



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