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There are two kinds of stuff falling from the sky: rain and snow. The view outside our windows doesnít look quite as magical as it did the other day, and thatís too bad because I was getting used to the fantasy of living in a Winter Wonderland instead of an ugly condo complex in a suburb north of where we really want to live, where the neighbor across the hall changes her door and doormat decorations depending on the season (so like when I first arrived, there was a gigantron Santa head on the door along with a matching ďho ho hoĒ doormat, and now, thereís an enormous puffy Easter bunny head on the door, and a doormat with little eggs and chicks.)

I wasnít feeling up for yoga last night, so Iím going to try and hit a class tonight. It will be interesting as the place offers all different styles of yoga (even one Iíve never heard of) and Iím sure I will feel completely incompetent. But that always happens with someplace new. I did a quick search at yogafinder.com to see if there were any other options in New Haven, and instead got sidetracked looking up European studios, and discovered that one of my favorite French yogis has partnered with a supernice Canadian to open an Ashtanga studio in Paris. So now thereís another option for me when I visit next.

I also learned something really strange. I used to take Pilates mat classes when I belonged to Crunch, and the teacher I had there opened a studio in Paris last year. The only reason I remember her name is that one day in class she told me she was going to be legally changing her first name to mine, and that totally tripped me out. I congratulated her on her good taste, but secretly I was annoyed. The nerve. Changing her first name to something foreign, just to be unique.

Honestly? Her old first name was kinda ugly and awkward. Sheís better off with my name.

I have a ton of work to do and I donít want to do it. I donít wanna!

I hate being a grownup.

3:33 p.m. - 2004-03-09



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