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Snow inside and out

Another reason to vote Democratic in November:

John Kerry shreds! I think I will always favor a snowboarder over a two-planker.

I went to yoga again yesterday, this time trying out a class called Vinyasa (2). It was kinda flow-y at the beginning (which is what vinyasa means?), with lots of sun salutions and a decidedly Ashtanga focus. It felt good, especially when the teacher adjusted me during Savasana. But I still need to find a class that is more challenging. Maybe level (3)?

Itís been snowing pretty steadily since Tuesday night, and itís really cool. Iím sure the novelty of an actual Winter will wear off eventually, but right now, we walk around with flip-top heads catching snowflakes on our tongues and nothing could be more delightful.

The car seems to be handling these new conditions fairly well. Itís old and beat-up, but true to its name, itís a trooper. Not exactly the fastest off the line, but it gets us where we need to go, and we can save the money we would have spent on a new ride for housing. In the mornings, itís spread with a thick layer of white frosting.

I semi-finished my new project and am off and running with a pro-bono one for a yogi friend. She is going to be leading workshops in London and Cornwall, and Iím designing her flyers. If any of you English folk out there would like more info, let me know and Iíll send you details & coordinates. She is a great teacher.

I donít think there will be any apartments or condos for us to look at this weekend, so we are going to take advantage of the real estate lull to investigate other towns and maybe go to this show.

Hot times in the city.

9:05 a.m. - 2004-03-19



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