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Those who don't

Another yoga class last night, another opportunity to realize how spoiled I was in Los Angeles. I miss my old yoga studio. I miss the teachers, and the convivial atmosphere of class. I miss partnering in handstands, and I miss some of the friendly regulars. Maybe people here are more reserved because itís winter? And theyíll bud and blossom as the weather warms?

In a way, I am kicking myself for not having done a Teacher Training--I could at least be teaching the sort of class Iíd like to be in. The truth is, if I really wanted to teach yoga, I would be doing that right now. And Iím not. I continue to design because I like it and I know Iím good at it.

O f course, Iíve spent a good chunk of my life learning about design and practicing as a designer. If I had spent the same amount of time studying and teaching yoga, I would probably be just as good a teacher as I am a designer.

Or maybe not.

I never enjoyed tutoring students, and I nearly gave myself ulcers guest lecturing at my university. I am too huge of a spaz, and besides I just donít think I have the patience for teaching.

-- For example --

Student: I donít get it.

Me: What do you mean you donít get it?

Student: I mean, I donít get it.

Me: What is there not to get?

Student: Iím not sure.

Me: Well Iím not either now. Anyone?

-- End of example --

I think itís ok to just be a student. I donít think being one means that Iím taking away/consuming more than Iím contributing/creating.

12:10 p.m. - 2004-03-23



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