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Wear and why you should

This is where I got my new jeans. I still canít get over how well they fit, and how nice the transaction was. I had email exchanges with two different people at the store, and both were insanely nice and helpful. My pants arrived wrapped in adorable polka-dotted tissue paper, tied with a red bow and little heart-shaped lollipops, and get thisóa very sweet hand-written note!

I have made enough online purchases to know that this level of service is unusual. I never got the warm fuzzies from my purchases at Girlshop, Goclothing and Shopbop, I never felt loved at Blissworld, but this place? This place is now going to be my default shopping destination.

Of course I will have to make more purchases to test my theory, but Iím willing to accept the mission.

In other news, the Best Salon in the World now has a site thatís live, and the photos made me miss LA. This also made me miss LA because there are so many great shows this month! Iíll miss the Starlight Mints and From Bubblegum to Sky, and the Rockstarís (probably solo) show at the Hotel Cafť. Fortunately on this coast, Iíve got Mates of State to look forward to, and a weekend in June centered around Beulah at the Bowery Ballroom.

Some New England Funny: here is a photo of a ďMexicanĒ restaurant. Sadly, the food doesnít have any.

10:48 a.m. - 2004-04-07



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