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We got some flyers from the property management company that runs this corporate housing complex. One was about Spring maintenance, the other was about refurbishing the gym, and the last one just takes the cake: it’s got a cute bounding puppy on it, and says that if you see fellow residents not picking up after their dogs, you can make $25 for reporting them and providing evidence.

It’s narc on your neighbor time!

Terence’s idea was to just poop on the flyer and leave it on the office’s welcome mat. But then I thought, “Hey, I want $25!” so I offered to take a picture of Terence in flagrante delicto. You know, cause he’s my dawwwg.

A bigger (and grosser) statement would be to simply wipe your ass with the flyer and leave that “”evidence” on the office’s welcome mat. That was Terence’s alternate idea, obviously. There’s no way I would consider bringing a sheet of Hammermill 50 lb bond to my delicate nether regions. It’s Charmin all the way!

We howled with laughter at our cleverness.

Recent happenings include:

1. We told the $13,001 people that our offer was firm. We felt relieved, and Terence even said, “I’m glad we didn’t get that place” then the sellers said OK.

2. Freakout.

3. After very little discussion actually, we declined. The condo’s a great space, but it’s more money than we want to spend, and it’s definitely more space than we need. More importantly, the terms the sellers wanted us to agree to made us feel like they’ve been having trouble unloading the property, and why would we want to buy a place that’s difficult to sell? Especially when we don’t see ourselves living in Connecticut for more than 3 yrs?

4. Huge, cleansing sigh of relief.

5. Terence called the graduate school and asked if he could defer for a year.

6. They said no.

7. The hardest part? “We offered you a scholarship because we really want you here.” Poor Terence is in knots trying to figure out what to do.

8. I went to yoga three times this week, and I think I am feeling like… myself again.

9. My favorite client is keeping me very busy with work, and I am very looking forward to cashing those checks.

10. I’m making a hair appt today. I need to do this. I need to show up at the salon with some semblance of my previous haircut so the stylist can follow the map set forth by Frenchy’s.

Back to work…

9:31 a.m. - 2004-04-16



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