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Framing my fearful symmetry

Believe it or not, I had a celebrity sighting today. In New Haven!

Thatís right. While I was getting my haircut, I met the mayor of New Haven. Thatís what passes for celebrity in this little hamlet.

The salon owner is the mayorís stylist, and he just stopped by after lunch to chat with her. He was very much a politico, all gray suit and booming voice. He made sure that everyone noticed his presence.

Enola (the salon owner) was the one who urged him to get rid of the savings-and-loan hair and go ďau naturel.Ē He looks a lot better in person now that heís not working the combover.

Anyway, my hair survived. It's no Frenchy job, but it's not bad. A little uneven, but not bad at all. Of course the minute I sat down in the chair, I embarked on a junior-stylist vs. senior-stylist/salon-owner mini panic attack, but the scalp massage calmed me down. I can only think of a phrase in French to aptly describe the stylist's performance: elle s'est pas mal defendue.

2:43 p.m. - 2004-04-21



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