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How do you think he does it? (I don't know.) What makes him so good?

American Idol is one of those programs that seeps into your consciousness whether you want it to or not. It’s like an airborne supermicrobe that enters your system and spastically pinballs its way down to your very core.

Example: I was aware of Clay Aiken before I saw a picture of him or even heard him sing. Now, it could be that the show was filmed near my house in LA and that there were always tons of teenage fans waiting in line, holding signs professing their love for this or that person. It was pretty heard not to notice the names on the signs and homemade t-shirts. Or it could be the giant photos on the covers of every crap magazine at the checkout stand.

But then as soon Mr Bingo referred to Clay as the “glitter fairy,” I knew a phenomenon was taking place, and that I was doomed to know not only who Clay was and what he sounded like, but also the details of his Horatio Alger backstory, what his momma did for a living, what his favorite food was, etc, etc. Ditto for Ruben.

Now the news has reached me that Jennifer has been eliminated? And the hobbit, too? But that Cheezit—aka this season’s “glitter fairy”!—remains in contention?

What is happening, America?

11:20 a.m. - 2004-04-23



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