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Leaving, on a jet plane!

In a couple of minutes, I’ve got to start packing.

Normally, a quick 4-day trip wouldn’t be difficult to plan—sartorially speaking—except that the weather here is in the mid-70s and the weather in San Francisco is hotter still, and I only have WINTER CLOTHES.

All my regular stuff is still in storage. I realize this lament is becoming boring and repetitive, but all my warm weather clothes are in storage and it’s getting hot in herre.

Normally I try to set aside some time to shop, but I don’t think I’ll be able to swing that this time around. As much as I would love to purchase some light skirts, and flirty tops and such, and stop by the MJ store to ask about replacement screws for my handbags, it’s not going to happen. Practically every second has already been accounted for, and the only “shopping” I’ve scheduled is the one-two punch of “Hey, I haven’t seen you in a while so meet me at Amoeba, and no, you’re not waiting for me at Chabella’s cause that place sucks and we’re going to Pancho Villa afterwards.”

If you see me sweating, it will neither be due to my frenzied record-buying nor the fiery hot salsa, it will be because I am wearing WINTER CLOTHES !

Tonight is the very exciting pre- Gentrygras celebration, and I’m dragging my younger sister and Mr Bingo along for formal introductions. Jetlag and time differences be damned! I am having a double vodka tonic. Tomorrow is the pre-wedding hangover then the wedding, then Sunday I will hang out with friends in the early part of the day (see above shop-eat double header,) and see my parents and older sister (and rad husband, and the even radder Greatest Nephew in the World) in the evening. Monday morning, drive to Oaktown 3-5-7, return car, get on plane, land in Hartford a million hours later, drive home, flop into bed.

And my horoscope said April would be dull. Ha!

9:23 a.m. - 2004-04-30



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