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the Bronx is up, and the Battery's down

Gentry arrived Sunday and in a brief afternoon we managed coffee, shopping, walking and beers at a New Haven pub. Terence had fish n chips, and Gentry introduced me to the greasy pleasures of potato skins.

“Potato skins? You eat just the skins?”

“It’s the skins and so much more! There are toppings and sour cream!”

Our order was piled with cheddar and bacon, and the skins were oily, salty, fatty and delicious. I had no idea! Even at this late stage in life, I am still learning to be an American. Terence’s dish was also very tasty.

At home we talked and emailed and read magazines and drank more, eventually collapsing into bed around 10:30.

The next day, silk-eyed and cashmere-tailed, she and I went to New York. Gentry stowed her luggage at Bergdorf’s so that we could sniff and paw our way through the Beauty department unencumbered. On the elevator to the penthouse (where Gentry was having her hair cut) a Bergdorf Brunette sized me up and recommended I check out the 5th floor.

That floor was totally me. The Bergdorf Brunette was spot-on in her assessment. I browsed and touched and fondled until I couldn’t stand it anymore, then I went back upstairs to retrieve Gentry, she of the newly shorn, styled and sassy do.

Her hair looked amazing. She looks amazing. A good cut can make all the difference in the world—it can change your outlook more than a good cry or primal scream therapy can.

Together, we conquered Barneys.

We raced to the top floor and had lunch at Fred’s, two tiny ladies on the town. Everything on the menu looked delicious, and each plate delivered to our neighbors’ tables caused me to flipflop and reconsider my choices. In the end, I picked a simple dish and was very, very happy. The right tastes, the perfect amount of food. The glass of rose was also nice. Nothing like wine in the middle of the afternoon, and le tout paid for by a nice gentleman named Terence.

I don’t know how it happened, but somehow it was already time for Gentry’s rendezvous with an allegedly Mean Editor at the World’s Greatest Fashion Magazine Ever. There was no way she was going to be late to that appointment. Not on my watch. So we flew to Bergdorf’s, picked up G’s luggage, she quick-changed into a new outfit, and we sped down 5th Avenue with enough time left-over for a breath mint.


Her meeting went well (I knew it would,) we walked to Dale’s and had yet more wine in his adorable apartment. All in all, a wonderful day.

I especially enjoyed walking from Dale’s to Grand Central. The light and sky were so pretty. I felt right at home among the folks crowding the sidewalks and I had no trouble at all visualizing myself as a Manhattanite.

11:12 a.m. - 2004-05-26



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