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Already spending the money I earned today

I have just had the nuttiest 24 hours.

Last night I worked from about noon until 11. This morning at 8am I dropped Terence off at work, then ran home to find my west coast client awake and working. That is just insane. From about 8:15 on, I had the telephone glued to my head for conference calls and my claw poised above the keyboard ready to pounce on questions, tweaks, revisions, etc.

I actually supplemented my usual cuppa Tetley’s decaf tea with Barry’s full-throttle Irish caffeination. For the extra oomph. And I ate protein-rich snacks in an Atkins attempt at sustained energy.

The cool part about these kinds of assignments is that as swiftly as they land on my desk, they quickly disappear. In and out. The other cool part is that I love this client. I never feel resentful about working long hours because I always know that she is working as much if not more than me. And she’s a vice president!

And the bestest, greatest part--the part that rules above everything else--is that I bill hourly and the invoices are paid on time and never questioned. In fact, the only time the client ever made a comment about my invoices was “The other designers’ invoices are higher than yours. I think it’s because you’re fast. Either slow down or… hey, just think about it.”

I need to find a celebratory piece of chocolate.

3:33 p.m. - 2004-06-07



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