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In the name of love

Weíve been moving for what seems like centuries now, but really, itís only been about 4 days. We didnít have to lift or transport heavy boxes (thatís what movers are for) but weíve still had to unpack and unwrap, rewrap and rebox. Iím powerpooped.

If I take into account moving my office back into my home, moving from SF to Paris 11, moving from Paris 11 to Paris 6, moving from Paris 6 to SF, from SF to LA, from LA to North Haven, from North Haven to Hamden, Iíd say Iíve moved 7 times since 2001. I think my move-induced exhaustion is cumulative and easily understandable. To think that we will move again this year? And again next year? I am filled with ennui.

This is why I must continually purge and jettison unnecessary items. I cannot continue to haul useless junks across the globe. I actually enjoy this part of our nomadism. Itís liberating. Disposing of lumpy pillows, stained dishrags, mismatched glasses, and old clothes brings a special kind of satisfaction.

This weekend was Pride, right? Everywhere but here, I think, although we did see a Bear at the Stop n Shop. That was weird. Since Iím on the subject of Gay, I have to confess excitement over that new gay cowboy movie thatís coming out (Get it? COMING OUT!) with He@th Ledger and Jake Gyllenh@all. Mr Bingo (ďI stayed home. I am a bad gayĒ) is especially looking forward to it. As he says, ďI actually read that short story in the New Yorker years ago. I donít know how they are going to adapt it, but I donít care. There is barely enough plot there to fill maybe a porno, and I am hoping that thatís what the movie will be!Ē That makes two of us.

There is a huge article in the july Yoga Journal about Anusara, and one of my favorite teachers is on the front cover! She is a radiant and inspirational teacher and I loved her classes. They were hard but so challenging and so much fun. I miss them.

on that note... back to movingÖ

2:13 p.m. - 2004-06-28



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