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Our apartment is too small. There are piles everywhere. Itís making me insane.

The computers arenít networked, the printers, scanners and fax machine arenít hooked up, there are tangles of cables and power sources all over the floor and we have way too many mediocre design books. Who needs an entire volume devoted to small cars? Or vintage radios?

Ebay, youíre singing my song.

I am totally schizophrenic. I start in one room, find an object that belongs in another, walk to that room, get distracted by the mess in there, move things about, forget what I was doing. Rinse. Repeat. I am worthless today.

The few things I have accomplished are no great shakes. Two additional pillows? Check. Quark 6.0 upgrade? Check. Dishes? Check. Flatten boxes so a Craigís List kook can take them away tomorrow? Check. Pile papers in living room so as to obscure the floor then wade slowly through the waist-high mess like a little hamster? Check. Stare out the window? Check.

Maybe I need a snack.

4:44 p.m. - 2004-06-30



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