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Domestic bliss

I just spent over $400 on file cabinets. I felt nothing. Not even a blip.

When I spend over $400 on shoes or clothes, I get a Shopperís High©. I feel like Iím on drugs or like Iíve just run for 45 minutes and the endorphins are all up in my business. I am euphoric and weigh an ounce. And I canít wait to run around in my new stuff, showing off.

Yeah, so file cabinets. Canít really wear those.

Speaking of things I canít look cute in: I placed an order for a washer/dryer combo today. It is compact, has an internal water heater with a ďscaldĒ setting for whites, a wash cycle that lasts 45 mn in the European style, and will be easy to transport to wherever we move next.

On the way back from all these errands, we stopped in at Liuzzi cheese to sniff around and indulge our foodiemanie. Itís no DiPalo Fine Foods, but itís pretty great. Fresh mozzarella (smoked even,) lots of cured meats and olives, tons of pasta and Arborio rice varieties, Italian breads and our new favorite local soda (Gassosa and cream are delicious. I need to try Birch which is minty.) It reminded me a little of the delis (delies?) my father took me to in the outer Mission in SF when I was a kid. There used to be lots of Italians out there and the butchers would always give me extra salami (Schwarz was my favorite brand. If they gave me something else, Iíd make a face and they would laugh. Schwarz still existsódrive by Mission and 14th sometime and you can see real live sausage workers in their boots and hairnets, having a smoke while somewhere deep inside the factory, mystery machines pump meat pieces parts into casing parts.)

Liuzzi didnít give me the warm fuzzies, and nobody reached down to pinch my cheek and give me a free slice of mortadella, but the bocconcini and soppressata might induce kid-like happiness when I slice them up as aperitif shnacks.

Maybe not as poetic as Proustís Madeleine, but close!

5:38 p.m. - 2004-07-10



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