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I got an email from a friend of mine in SF. Apparently a few months back, she overheard some people at a yoga school talking about me.


She said “I was waiting in the hallway for my yoga class to start and I was listening to this conversation between these two graphic designers who went to (name of university…) they were talking about the dance classes they took and at one point they started describing you. So that got my attention and I asked them if they knew you and they said yes. You have a reputation girl…”

I was dying to know more, so I shot off an email requesting more details. This is what she added: “They were describing you to a T… small woman, French-speaking, with dark hair and black-rimmed glasses, who used to take ballet classes. I think it was the glasses that clued me in. The guy had dark hair and dark skin, around my height maybe a little taller? They thought you were a good dancer.”


It’s killing me, this trying to figure out who those two designers could be. I can’t recall any designers in my dance classes at school. Similarly, I can’t recall any dancers in my design classes. Who got chocolate in my peanut butter?

Who could they be? Thank god they weren’t trashing me! Can you imagine? Oh my god! What if they were and my friend is just protecting me? What am I talking about? I should just be flattered that I left some kind of imprint and that I didn’t have to die to find out about it.

I may have had my ups and down in design classes, but I know I was consistently good in my dance ones. I didn’t know anyone was paying attention.

How strange.

8:50 a.m. - 2004-07-23



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