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Style of the day

News of another fashion:

Kim0ra Lee Simm0ns was busted for driving recklessly, and the cops found pot in her car. Oops.

D0natella Versace checked herself into rehab for cocaine addiction. And I thought she only looked like coke ho! Have any of you folks seen photos of her daugher? Man, she is one scarily thin young woman. Like, she looks ten times worse than Mary-Kate (who just goes by Kate. Thatís what Ashley calls her and I know this because I like to eavesdrop.) I hope Allegra doesnít have her motherís affliction.

You can now buy red Kabbalah strings at Target. That cult it fast becoming the new Scientology.

I am wearing a sweater today because it is 64 degrees out. Itís wonderful! The weather is very San Francisco-likeóovercast, cool with a slight breeze. Itís making me a little homesick for the Bay Area.

Oh, I am also wearing a yellow bracelet. I havenít worn plastic/rubber jewelry since the 80s but this is different.

I was all set to silkscreen t-shirts that said ďChoice is the heart of democracyĒ© (with a little heart icon instead of the word. See? It could be cool and people might buy them) but another issue of greater urgency has come up: ankle straps. People with short legs or poorly defined ankles should not wear ankle strap shoes! Gah! It looks terrible! I have a reasonably cute figure but you wonít catch me in shoes with ankle straps. I just donít have the leg length to pull it off.

Ok so the ankle strap shoe business is hardly as time critical as politics in an election year, but you know, itís just one of those things thatís been pestering me. And it keeps me entertained as I burn cd backups of 3 hard drivesí worth of files.

Sorry for the disturbing. Carry on.

11:19 a.m. - 2004-07-28



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