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no internet

No internet connection this morning. Funny how that restructures the pattern of my day. No sitting in front of the monitor checking in on diaryland, no reading the Times fluff sections (today is Thursday so that would mean Home & Garden,) no surfing gossip sites while I eat and certainly no browsing online shops.


What I have been doing instead is miscellaneous housewifey things and going through our stacks and stacks of books. I am supposed to be separating the books into three categories: keep, goodwill and ebay, but I can only focus on one: keep. Seems to me that Iím going to have to snoop on ebay a little bit to determine which titles will actually fetch something at auction cause thereís no sense photographing, describing and posting stuff if thereís no interest. But in order to research, I need an internet connection.

So weíre back to square one.

In square one, Iíve found a complete collection of 0ptic Nerve comix (keep) as well as a Christmas card from the artist (keep,) a signed and numbered hardcover of Gh0stworld (keep,) a bunch of Phaid0n books that I bought half-price when I worked for her ďdream companyĒ (keep,) and random, faded art books that I cracked open maybe ten times? (amputate.)

Cultivating a minimalist vibe is difficult because I am still very much in love with my things. Iím a material girl; Iím all about my stuff. However in an effort to make future moves easier, I am slowly introducing a little non-attachment to my life. Going through papers and files was the first liberating step. Going through the books will be the giant leap for my kind. I donít know why but getting rid of books is a lot like avoiding a friend. You know itís the right thing to do, but you feel kind of dirty doing it.

Fortunately, I donít have to go through clothes. Eight moves in the last three years has ensured that my collection is neatly pared down. If anything, my closet is an area where I could stand to be a little more acquisitive--I need more shirts, more skirts, I need a weekís worth of Patrick Robinson/Perry Ellis uniforms. But I am waiting for Fall. I love the Fall collections. Does this mean I am a Fall? Hmmm.

One summery thing that has been bringing me joy are my white Gucci loafers. Boy am I glad I unpacked them and itís summer! I wear them with everything and they are perfectperfectperfect. They make me feel very Jackie on Skorpios, minus the coral jewelry and Pucci headscarf. Oh, and minus Aristotle. My Aristotle doesnít really get supertan and wear his shirt unbuttoned to >there< but he does cut a dashing figure in his wifebeaters and vintage shirts. And right now, heís as close as heís ever been to being considered a wealthy tycoon.

Anyway, my surgery is one week from today and I am planning a recovery chock full of PeeWeeís Playhouse, and junky magazines.

11:04 p.m. - 2004-07-29



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