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It can get stranger

The weekend’s yoga workshop did not kill me, thank god. I practiced a LOT and this morning I have hips that feel tight and loose at the same time (?), and a little soreness in my neck. Not bad given that I practiced for 2 hours on Friday night, 3 hours on Saturday morning, 2 and a half hours on Saturday afternoon and 3 hours Sunday morning.

It wasn’t all vinyasa all the time. There was a lot of pausing for discussion and explanation and a lot of me tuning out my inner voices. There was so much I couldn’t do! I learned that there are a lot of areas in my body where my flexibility and range of motion are inadequate or poor. It was humbling. And good.

Terence picked me up after my last session on Sunday at noon, and we went to an open house. I wasn’t expecting much since we’d already seen other units in the same building and were unimpressed (as soon as we hear the term “loft condo” we bristle,) and I was hot and sticky and sweaty and not in the mood to chat up real estate agents, but this apartment/condo (whatever you want to call it) was very nice and we found ourselves lingering. It wasn’t overly decorated or staged so we could see beyond the furniture, the kitchen was in good condition, the bathrooms actually had tile (you wouldn’t believe how many places have those horrid molded plastic tub/shower units,) and the hardwood floors were in relatively good condition. It was affordable, we wouldn’t have to sink in a lot of $ to make it work, so we made an offer.

We have been really torn about whether or not to buy in New Haven since we don’t like it very much and we’re not planning to stay. This condo hasn’t exactly changed our view; we still have no intention of lingering in the area. But when we calculated our monthly payments, they came out to the same as what we’re currently paying in rent, so why throw money away when you can invest it? Seemed like a no brainer.

And the place, while not our dream pad, is certainly better that our current apartment. And even with 20% down, we still have money left over! Isn’t that insane? Can I just remind everyone that not 7 months ago, we were emptying the change compartments in the car in order to buy groceries???? Borrowing money from friends in order to pay rent???? This has so far been the fucking weirdest trippiest year of our lives. And it’s only halfway over!

Andre Gide once said that “the drawback to a journey that has been too well planned is that it does not leave enough room for adventure.”

Ain’t that the truth.

9:09 a.m. - 2004-08-02



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