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The Trooper is on its last legs. The clutch is starting to go, and neither one of us wants to spend any money fixing it. Plus winter with its snow and sleet are looming, and we don't feel like fixing the defrost either.

We are now shopping for cars. On top of everything else, we now have to buy a fucking car. And we were just getting used to the idea of not acquiring anything MAJOR! Argh!

We're thinking certified pre-owned, or used but in good condition. Terence found the Trooper on Auto Trader, and that worked out well. Best $4500 we ever spent-- even when you factor in the repairs we had to make and all the wiper blades we had to buy.

If any of you out there have any recommendations, bring 'em on. Right now we're thinking 4WD or AWD (because as lifelong Californians, we have zero experience driving in snow on a regular basis and don't want to mess with chains) and maybe sporty. We've had the big trucky thing; now we're ready for something smaller and zippier. It'd be nice to be able to climb up mountains in a normal traffic lane, not the bike lane.

We're researching these makes: Subaru, Audi, VW, Honda, Toyota. Sorry, Detroit.

In other news, a friend blows into town tomorrow afternoon. We've got rooms reserved here which will be nice because it's just Colonial enough (plus the inn has a lot of rooms so we won't have to make polite conversation with the innkeepers. I hate that. Remember that scene from Flirting with Disaster where Ben Stiller's character complains about B&B's and how much he dislikes them because you have to be nice to the cat?) I'm looking forward to discovering new places. Also on the agenda: eating lobster, checking out this little town in Rhode Island, and driving around aimlessly looking for decent coffee.

Totally unrelated: do you realize that both Ad@m Br0dy AND R@chel Bils0n from The OC were at Canter's the other night? If I were still in LA, I would have been 30 seconds from running into them and professing my undying love for their post-pubescent acting! Perhaps the parking lot was full, and they had to park on my old street! Maybe they even walked by our insane neighbor, aka The Fence, aka the old man who would just leave his house in his tightie whiteys to pick things off his lawn!

And now that visual is making me realize that maybe we didn't have it so good in Los Angeles after all... thank god for internet gossip sites. Without them, how would I know about the Br0wn Bunny billboard, or that Mi$cha Bart0n is cokehead skinny with a fat ass? Certainly not by reading the New Haven Register!

8:53 a.m. - 2004-08-12



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