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I get a lot of catalogs. I recycle a lot of catalogs.

The other day I got one that looked like a stylebook for Swedish moms and kids. I don’t know what possessed me to leaf through it—maybe I thought they’d have good tights or something? Imagine my surprise when a quick flip-through revealed this model: none other than ANTM season two winner Y0anna!

I admit that there is some cachet in modeling for Sephora, but a Swedish Mom catalog? Surely Tyra and IMG can do better. Perhaps this is just homework in preparation for the main couture event? I mean, whatever happened to Adrienne? I am crossing my fingers that when UPN produces a “where are they now?” segment, there will be choice assignments among the less prestigious ones for middle-American catalogs and cheesy retailers. Go models!

On Saturday we decided to check out some flea market! With vendors from CT and NY! On the NH green! And guess what? There wasn’t SHITE! No furniture as advertised, no bric-a-brac and collectibles as advertised. If they’d said “bad jewelry, crap art, hippy soap makers, and a lone woman caning a chair by hand” we would have known to skip it (although the caning was interesting for about 3 minutes.)

The apartment inspection was right after that, and it was much less disappointing. The inspector found a few things that need to be fixed, and our agent is going to attempt to have the sellers either fix them or knock a few thousand dollars off the price.

On Sunday, after we ingested 1/2 the New York Times, we tried to shop for paint but the paint store was closed. We tried to test drive cars, but the dealerships were closed. Later on, we tried check out bicycles but the bike shops were closed. What the fuck? How on earth is anyone supposed to do anything around here? The entire state is a bedroom community. It’s so irritating.

This morning I have to call and confirm that I will be leasing studio space! I looked at one studio (~400 sq/ft) on Friday and liked it. I brought Terence along for feedback, and he agreed that it was the right amount of space for the price, and that it would easily house all of my design/art stuff. And the bonus is that it’s in the same complex as my yoga school so I’ve got a short commute.

9:26 a.m. - 2004-08-30



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