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Bird cage liner

You know how Glamour magazine has a tiny twin? A mini version thatís more portable?

I think the New York Times Sunday edition should have a mini version, as well. There is just too much information in that paper! It cannot be read on a Sunday in its entirety, unless you begin reading at 6am, turn off the radio and telephone, and become a total Sunday shut-in.

How am I supposed to stay on top of things when there are also magazines to browse, catalogs to peruse, and actual books to read? I just donít have enough time, enough space on my nightstand, or enough room in my brain anymore. I should hang a little sign on my barrette that says, ďNo Vacancy.Ē

Another idea would be to have two versions of the Sunday Timesóone news-intensive, the other fluff-intensive. If I could just get the magazine and special Fashion supplement, the Style section, the Arts/Entertainment part and maybe the Real Estate, Iíd be happy. Silly willy nilly, all stuffed with fluff Iíd be.

I used to work with a guy in San Francisco who only ever wanted the Business and Sports sections of the Chronicle. Thatís all he was interested in, and thatís all he wanted to pay for. He contended that those two sections grouped together would sell more briskly than stacks and stacks of whole newspapers. At the time I thought he was nuts, but now I see he may have had a point.

I donít know where Iím going with his. Nowhere fast?

10:59 a.m. - 2004-09-02



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