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Operation Get A New Car is still underway. It is getting tiresome to say the least but we are trying to be smart consumers and compare, contrast, drive and consider.

Today we test drove 4 different models: a VW Jetta GLS, a VW Passat GLS, an Audi A4 and an Audi A6. It took all fucking day.

We both had sneaky suspicions that the minute we set ass in German cars, the Japanese ones would seem crappy and lame. And guess what? We were right.

Sometimes it’s nice to know that your hunch is spot-on.

No decisions yet, but we have narrowed the search to Audis and VWs which helps a lot.

At the VW dealership this morning, we were helped by a guy dressed head to toe in Prada who WAS NOT GAY. It was weird. After a bit, he asked where we were from, and I said, “California.”

And he said, “I knew it. I could tell by the way you talk.”


He was actually pretty nice even if he had untrustworthy teeth: his top front teeth were like the Wall of Teeth. Like, they’d all been knocked out at some point, and the entire top row was one solid chunk of bridge material.

Later when we were being given printouts and info on the autos, a manager came in and introduced himself. When he heard our names, he said, “Wow, those are interesting names.”

Mr Prada said, “they’re from California” as if that explained our “interesting” names.

Yeah, people out west are KOOKY and ODD and NUTTY and TOTALLY WACKO! I mean it’s not like our names are Sunshine or Freebird or some such shit! WTF!

At the Audi dealership, somehow we got paired with the Oldest Salesman on Earth. He was a bit deaf, and couldn’t really hold his head up all the way like his neck was getting ready for its final resting place on a satiny casket pillow.

I signed up for adventure when I moved here, and that’s what I’m getting, I guess.

8:33 p.m. - 2004-09-11



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