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Pftt... stressée

Ok, this is brilliant. Why can’t I be that smart?

Maybe because I am not Japanese.

The Japanese are genius, but also bloody twisted. Case in point: the film “Audition.” Yes, it is tense and well-shot and the pacing is perfectly agonizing, but man, it is fucked up de chez fucked up. By the end, I was fast forwarding and watching through my fingers. But at least it didn’t give me nightmares like “Ringu.”

I leave for Montreal this afternoon. Am I packed? Are you kidding?

Totally unrelated: you can always count on Marc Jacobs to introduce a new Mary Jane that will make you want to throw your old ones away. The shoes from his main collection for Spring are so adorable, esp. the color + white ones. They’re a Chuck Taylor-Mary Jane hybrid. Subverted Leave it to Beaver. I love it.

This is disjointed. I need to take a shower.

9:03 a.m. - 2004-09-15



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