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Pimp my ride

The tooth nightmares continue, but the one that involves a car is over.

Saturday we drove to New Jersey and bought a new-to-us auto.

We had a list in hand with two dealerships in Jersey, one back in Connecticut, and another one in Massachusetts that was open on Sunday. Knowing the dealers would pressure us to buy, we wanted to have a backup plan so we could just walk away. Driving to New Jersey is a big pain in the ass, and if we’d driven there and not found anything, it would have been a complete stressful waste of time.

There are parts of I-95 between Coop City and the New Jersey Turnpike that are like a bad shoot-em-up driving video game. You half expect to see Rambo in the fire lane or explosions on the horizon.

We thought we’d leave the first dealership and head to the second, making the rounds of different dealerships. But we didn’t. This really surprised us.

There were other surprises as well. Like how we told the dealer how much we had to spend, and he said, “C’mon, work with me.”

So we said, “Wish we could budge on the price, but that’s how much we’ve earmarked to spend. And it’s already $2000 more than what we’d originally budgeted.”

So he did the typical thing, said he needed to run the revised price by his “boss.”

“Boss” in quotations because really? Who is he fooling? There’s no “boss”! There’s a room someplace where all the salesmen go, to smoke cigarettes, shoot the breeze, masturbate, do WHATEVER, while the customer waits.

And waits.

And waits.

It’s all designed to break the customer down, to take the customer to the edge of his/her sanity and patience. It didn’t work with us.

After about 2.5 hours, the salesman finally sold us a car at our price. And I drove the car back through the pretty part of New Jersey, up and over the Tappan Zee bridge (the Hudson River Valley looking watercolor-perfect in the fading light,) and down back through Connecticut.

[ ] Check the box that says “car”

Now I can resume stressing about all of the other stuff.

4:00 p.m. - 2004-09-27



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