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Unfortunately channeling Robert Evans

TA just emailed me to say that the sellers have not fixed the MAJOR issue (a window) and they want to know if we’ll take cash instead? One day before closing, they decide to inform us that they haven’t made a major repair that came up multiple times during negotiations when they’ve had an ENTIRE MONTH TO FUCKING DEAL WITH IT?

Am I pissed?
You bet I am!

Thank god Terence is taking care of everything. He is so canny and smart. I would have completely flown off the handle and killed the deal in one violent nanosecond. Instead he remarked, “We’ll just make that attorney work for his fee” and got back to work.

Wow. The force is totally with Terence. I gotta get me some Jedi mind skillz.

2:47 p.m. - 2004-09-29



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