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Put that coffee down. Coffee's for Closers.

Itís a good thing TA took yesterday off, because the closing and everything else took all GODDAMNED day.

Incidentally there is a lot of flagrant CAP use in this entry because I am beyond the BEYOND of tolerance for other peopleís shit. And that includes the current president.


The schedule was supposed to go something like this:
10 am: walk through apartment to verify that all requested repairs were made
11 am: go to closing meeting and go over paperwork with our attorney and the sellerís attorney, get keys
1 pm: celebrate with lunch at a restaurant
3 pm: run random errands
5 pm: have afternoon sex
7 pm: toast with a dirty vodka martini
8 pm: eat grilled shrimp tacos
9 pm: watch debate and go to sleep

Thatís not what happened.

We were made to wait a full 3.5 hours for the sellers to get their shit together, and when we did our walkthrough, it was fairly obvious that they hadnít done all the requested work.

I donít know what is wrong with people. When someone gives you a list of things to do, and you sign off on the items, YOU DO THEM. You are LEGALLY BOUND to do them. What the fuck is so hard about that? The sellerís attorney was playing the mini ďoh they have a 3 month-old and are moving and just bought a place in DelawareĒ violin, and Iím sorry, but thatís NOT MY PROBLEM. Go peddle your sob fucking story someplace else, cause if you canít do something, I donít want to hear excuses, cause thatís what they are: EXCUSES.

By the way, the sellerís attorney was 1 hour late to our closing meeting, making the GRAND TOTAL FOR TIME SUCKAGE to a full 4.5 hours.

Thatís some direspect, if you ask me.

Thank god I was not alone in being annoyed. During the closing meeting, after weíd sort of negotiated getting our own estimates for the work, and agreed to set aside some money in an escrow account to cover additional repair expenses, the sellerís attorney said to Terence, ďWell, that repair you could probably do, you seem like a handy guy.Ē

To which TA deadpanned, ďSure. My project management fee is $150 an hour, so Iíll just make sure to keep track of my hours as I work so we donít go overbudget.Ē

The sellerís attorney looked like sheíd been hit in the face with a frying pan. It was a thing of beauty.

It still didnít make up for the fact that I:
1) Did not get to have lunch in a restaurant
2) Did not get to have afternoon sex
3) Did not get to celebrate with a dirty martini
4) Did not get to eat grilled shrimp tacos

What about ME? What about MY NEEDS?

Instead we ate a rushed salade niÁoise made at home, attended our very first condo association board meeting at 7pm, watched the debates, realized it was our anniversary and fell asleep.

Boy Iím glad September is OVER.

10:21 a.m. - 2004-10-01



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