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The DTs subside

After what seems like an eternity, Iíve mostly moved into my studio, and the DSL has been turned on. Somehow it took SBC an entire week to make high-speed internet accessible to me, and Iím wondering, isnít it as easy as flipping a switch at this point?

Tells you how much I know about technology.

Harriet left about a week and a half ago, and it seems like years have passed. Her visit was a tonicónot only was it good for my physical and mental constitution, but it renewed my commitment to making the most of this year, and then getting the fuck out of this lame-ass state.

Even though we bought an apartment, I continue to look at real estate listings (escapism much?) Can I just say that I totally object to the way the real estate industry has appropriated/co-opted the word ďhomeĒ? Itís totally offensive.

I filled out a questionnaire about our crappy K&B faux colonial loft rental apartment last night, and in it, our place was referred to as an ďapartment home.Ē I wanted to scream. Instead, I went off on our leasing agent, how the neighbors are totally inconsiderate and leave their trash outside their front doors, and how thereís absolutely no consistent enforcement of rules. Iím definitely not going to be entered in the $1000 drawing now.

My studio is shaping up. I think in about a week, it will feel more lived in with all of the books, art supplies, software, knick-knacks arranged just so. On the whole, the space feels good. I even had Harriet give me the lowdown on Feng Shui to make sure that I wasnít jinxing myself with the placement of my stuff, and her recommendation for the positioning of my desk feels really great. There just might be something to this idea of energy and how it flows throughout a space. A zillion Chinese canít be wrong, right?

Ahhh, itís good to have a studio again. Itís a thousand times better than working at home. Now I just have to get some workÖ

3:49 p.m. - 2004-10-15



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