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Open studios

This past weekend was OpenStudios, and we wandered around and peeked into peopleís spaces. I didnít like most of the art (I never do) but I liked eating free snacks and checking out what other folks are doing. The people watching was a little disappointing, but I did see a woman channeling Alice B. Toklas and that was rad.

I used to scoff at the bad art but now I donít. Itís not that Iíve become less critical or that Iíve lost my ability to sneer. Itís more that I think it takes courage to make bad art and throw open the doors to your studio and let other people judge. Itís one thing to be a bad artist in obscurity, quite another to hang your work on a wall and invite people to look at it.

Balls or stupidity? Hmmm.

At the new apartment, I painted big squares on diff walls with my favorite white paint to see how the color looks under diff conditions. So far, so good. The squares look ten times better than the gray/white/lavender the previous owners had everywhere. The space will look so much bigger with bright, art gallery pristine walls. I canít wait for the whole place to glow.

TA took a hammer to some sheetrock and made a big mess.

The only other exciting thing that occurred this weekend is that we received a wedding invitation from a long lost, dearly beloved friend. In March, we go to Switzerland! Woohoo!

2:33 p.m. - 2004-10-18



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