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Because TA is on a business trip to, of all places, Boulder Colorado, I have been living like a single woman and itís fanfuckingtastic.

For one, I have been freed from the tyranny of boy mealtimes and have been eating according to my own schedule. This doesnít mean that Iíve succumbed to TAís worst fear (which is that when heís gone, I consume air and nothing else.) It means that for the last two days, Iíve eaten according to my appetite.

And what do you know? This morning I woke up with a flatter tummy. And I totally have been eating! Today I had yogurt and applesauce for breakfast, and leftover Chinese food, rice and steamed broccoli for lunch. Thatís not air!

If love makes you fat, and heartbreak makes you skinny, then absence makes you feel thin. Itís a diet plan that works for me. I say ďfeel thinĒ because I donít have a scale so I have no idea if Iíve actually lost weight; I just know that I feel lighter.

I was going to make a generalization about Boys and Food, but Iíll just narrow the field and talk about mine. He needs to eat 3 squares at regular intervals or he becomes a complete monster. Once his blood sugar levels drops below a certain point, he goes from docile to psychotic in seconds: he gets dizzy and cranky and starts sweating profusely. Itís gotten to where I donít go anywhere without an emergency snack. See why I donít need to have children to be a mom? There are Clifbars and dried fruit/nuts in the car, in his bag, in his desk, in my office. It was bad enough that my handbag was starting to resemble my motherís with the lipstick-shmeared crumpled up Kleenex and sticky Ricolas; now Iíve got food in there!

Me? I just need some tea in the morning, maybe a piece of toast and Iím fine until 2 or 3 in the afternoon. My boy needs to have a hearty lunch at noon or all hell breaks loose.

Thereís not much else that I can indulge in while TAís gone because most of the things I like to do he doesnít scoff at. Heís so awesome heíll even watch ANTM with me, or ballet documentaries, or fill out fashion magazine questionnaires. He draws the line at what he considers to be excessively metro things like manicures, but heís man enough to soak in the tub with a pore-vacuuming mask on (as long as Iím in there with him and I apply the mask.)

On tap for tonight: yoga, a hot bubble bath, enchiladas suizas, and a couple of hours with a book. Yep, itís exciting over here!

4:28 p.m. - 2004-10-19



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