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Colors everywhere, she's like a rainbow

I donít really follow the American League, but Iím happy the Yankees got spanked by the Sox. Itís about time someone else had a shot at the World Series. If the Astros win their Championship, then itíll be Massachusetts vs. Texas, kinda like the election.

Thatís all Iím going to say about baseball until Spring Training 2005.

I bought an electric kettle for my studio. I love it almost as much as the Russell-Hobbs I have at home, and I love being able to drink hot tea while I work.

What I love even more is that they finally opened a Target here. I love Target. Given my penchant for the Fancy Things, itís funny that I so adore the store but hey Iím allowed a few contradictions, right? I think it boils down to packaging. They have good packaging: nice design, good colors, excellent printing. Look at this! Itís just hand soap and laundry detergent, but itís beautiful (and smells nice, especially the Sweet Water hand wash. I wanted to buy it for my lingerie but I donít know if itís gentle enough for my silk and cashmere. Ideas?)

I donít really need it, but I desperately want this. The bed at the hotel in Montreal had a totally Nouveau Caveman theme and I really dug it. At Target prices, itís certainly reasonable. Fuck it! Iím going to do it. Itíll be the little carrot coaxing me forward through the next phase.

Off-topic: does anyone out there get as excited as I do when their liptick is almost finished? I always feel slightly triumphant when that happens. Right now, I toggle between:
- Polished Up (shiny neutral on me, almost finished)
- Desire (shiny sheer plummy on me, halfway done)
- Underworld (satin red vampy on me, one third done)
- Paramount (satin brown/neutral on me, almost finished)

I am thinking about replacing the Polished Up with my old standby Verve, or perhaps giving the color called Retro a shot. I always try different brands (NARS, Chantecaille) but always come back to MAC. Iím a loyal Taurus.

Speaking of loyal, Iíve got to wrap this up and go pick up my baby at work.

4:39 p.m. - 2004-10-21



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