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According to plan

I didnít go to Manhattan this weekend and I was totally fine with that decision. Turns out, Mr Bingo was under weather and wanted to sleep and rest, and TA and I needed to spend quality time demolishing walls, and sweeping up sheetrock.

Sheetrock is nasty stuff, people. It gets in your eyes, your ears, your clothes, your lungs. Itís horrible.

Because of my delicate constitution, I didnít do too much smashing and destroying. Instead, I stayed away from the clouds of gypsum and boned up on how to build sheetrock walls, and reinforce and tape corners.

The closet reconstruction should be complete in the next two weeks. Tomorrow we meet with the floor refinisher to get an estimate and timeframe, and the painter should be getting back to us by Friday.

Things are falling into place, and itís surprising. We are both so used to having things go south before they straighten up and fly right that it feels strange to have plans that are going well.

Speaking of plans, I had my first of two dental appointments to deal with the broken tooth. After about an hour and a half of drilling and spitting, mold-making and chit-chatting, I now have a rubbery temporary tooth in my mouth. It feels weird.

Ugh. I wish I werenít so numb from Novocaine so I could eat my sandwich! Every time I try to take a sip of tea from my mug, it dribbles down the front of my sweater. If this is what old age is going to be like, Iím joining the Hemlock Society.

1:57 p.m. - 2004-10-25



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