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Suffering suffragette

I voted! Yay for me. I’m crossing my fingers that all the Undecideds finally made up their minds and cast their ballots for Kerry.

In California, you vote with a pointy stylus that pokes holes into your paper ballot. Voting in Connecticut is totally olde timey, folks! There’s a giant red lever that closes the booth curtain and goes CLANK, and the machine is made of metal with a vintage sage green paint. And it has little knobs that you click down to register your vote! It felt like I was gambling, and in some ways, I guess I was. Elections are always a bit of a crap shoot, aren’t they?

I remember election days when I was little. The polling place was right across the street, in one of our neighbor’s garages. I always wanted to go with my parents because the garage was covered in bunting and streamers, and there were always snacks and coffee in there. It seemed like a party to me. My parents never let me in the booth with them, no matter how much I asked. They said I’d be able to vote when I was older, so I always looked forward to it.

And I still do.

More parents should inculcate their kids with this sense of duty. There would be less complacency and better turnout during elections if they did.

Off the soapbox and into the dustbowl that is the new apartment.

In this photo you can see the closet in its current state. All the little halos are from the swirling dust particles in the air.

The left-hand side has been entirely sheetrocked on the inside, while the right-hand side is still just framing. The inside and outside should be complete by this weekend. That’s when the taping and cornering will take place.

Lots of nattering nabobs of negativity have cautioned us to hire professionals to finish the job, but Terence is resolute about doing it himself. He’s a bricoleur and a firm believer in sweat equity. Plus, he’s cheap and refuses to pay others to do what he can do himself.

“Contractors and worker dudes are no smarter than me and they can do it. How hard could it be?”

Time will tell.

12:53 p.m. - 2004-11-02



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