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Peremptory and imperious, that's me

You know, I always go back and forth on how I feel about fucked-up guestbook messages.

Sometimes I think, hey, Iíve expressed my opinion so now others can do the same.

Other times I think, hey, Iíve expressed my opinion so now others can do the same. In their own diaries. That would be my preference because I am generally not interested in how others disagree with me. But I understand the impulse to sign and voice dissent. Iíve been there (Iíve dissented plenty, Iíve just never voiced it in a guestbook.)

By having a guestbook Iíve invited readers to express their feelings, and thatís cool. Iím just surprised that my entries evoke such strong sentiments. I feel like I write about total nonsense, silly things that consume me, and trivial bullshit that makes me laugh. I guess itís hard to hear the subtleties in my delivery--particularly when Iím being sarcastic or petulant, which is most of the time.

As a rule, I do not acknowledge the nasty comments in my guestbook because I happen to like my high horse. I paid good money for it and I have no intention of getting off. Donít like it? Go someplace else.

Fortunately most of my guestbook signers are super awesome and great. After a few years here at Diaryland, I feel loved by other diarypeople and thatís some good warmfuzzy. Drinks for all my friends!

This entry goes out to her.

In closing: do any other American women feel their government has been hijacked by the American version of the Taliban aka the Christian Right?

I wonder what sorts of design innovations Marc Jacobs can bring to chadors and burqas?

3:21 p.m. - 2004-11-04



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