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New tooth

I just got back from the dentistís office. I have a new tooth.

It looks a lot like the old tooth, but itís smoother and doesnít have a ton of metal in it. This is good because unless youíre Jaws from Moonraker, you really canít rock the chrome dentition.

Over the weekend I bought this cleanser, rejoiced that this English brand is going masstige at Target, went to the opening of a craft fair to support a friend, ate soup at the Ivy No0dle, ordered doors for the revamped closets (and discovered this statue of Paul Bunyan !), splackled and taped sheetrock, and watched some movies.

All in all, pretty boring and non-noteworthy (except for the Paul Bunyan part. That was nifty.)

4:41 p.m. - 2004-11-08



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