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Busy Beaver

TA had the day off yesterday, so we spent the entire time as Workers in the new apartment.

The sheetrock closet thing is almost ready to be primed. TA sanded and spackled and sanded and spackled some more. The idea is for the all of the seams to disappear under microthin layers of sanded goo.

While he did that, I sanded the puttied areas in the bedroom, taped off the heater, and rolled one coat of primer on the walls. While the spackle in the other room was drying, TA primed the ceiling (even with the roller attached to a broom handle, I couldn’t reach.) Then we did a second coat before lunch.

The painter who gave us an exorbitant estimate was right: the bedroom is going to need many, many coats of paint. We are hoping that 2-3 coats of primer followed by 2 coats of paint should completely bury the red. Those dark colors sure are pesky to cover up.

Because we were Workers, we got to have hot rice plates from the Chinese place across the street. I didn’t think spicy cashew chicken could taste so goddamned good.

After that, I taped off the bathroom and TA painted. Then we did the same with the kitchen, moving the stove and fridge out of the way.

Behind the appliances, we found:
- 5 cat toys
- 10 pounds of cat hair
- 2 parking receipts
- a postcard from Japan
- a diet plan from Weight Watchers with a target weight of 135 pounds
- lots of desiccated garlic
- a lighter shaped like a miniature pack of menthol cigarettes
- a fridge magnet of a happy sperm (measuring approx. 7 inches across, including tail)

My favorite is the lighter. It’s kind of groovy. Of course, Terence prefers the sperm. He wants to put it on our car.
“It’s our answer to those magnetic yellow ribbons!” Yeah right, except that rather than say “Support our Troops” it should say “Support my Troops!”

9:55 a.m. - 2004-11-12



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