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Winter wonderland

Today I am dressed like the late 80s version of me: short black skirt, red tights, Dr Martens boots, grey sweater. The only things missing are my scooter and vintage shop glasses.

My grandmother used to say “Ándase caliente, ríase la gente” by which she meant “who cares if people laugh at you if you’re warm.” I think about this in the mornings when I put on my red plaid coat and my furry hunting cap before I head outside. New Englanders are no doubt inured to the cold, but I am just getting used to it, figuring out which layer combinations work, which hats are warmest, etc. And if I stand out in my variation on Holden Caulfield, so be it.

Terence and I found a tiny patch of ice in our parking lot the other night, and we took turns sliding on it and laughing at ourselves. “We’re candy-ass Californians! Winter ice is fun!” I’m sure the neighbors think we are retarded but they should reserve judgement until they see us walking around with fliptop heads trying to catch snowflakes on our tongues! That’s the best.

We are so insanely busy with work and home repairs that we have not only NOT done one iota of Christmas shopping, but we have NOT even setup iTrip for the iPod. What is the world coming to? No time for anything at all.

Except I did squeeze in the finale of ANTM, and am very happy that Eva won. I’ve been cheering her on since the beginning.

1:04 p.m. - 2004-12-16



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