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Christmas cheer

It’s –12.5 outside today. That’s 9.5 Fahrenheit, people! Brrrr.

The view from our bedroom window:

I spent the weekend cleaning and organizing.


It never ends.

However, in the bargain I have learned something incredibly valuable: Murray M0ss is right. Glass Plus rules. It is without peer in the window cleaning products category. If you’ve ever been to Moss in Soho you know that the display cases sparkle. No sooner have you pressed your nose up against the glass than there is a Mossbot with Glass Plus and paper towels bringing up the rear, eliminating all traces of your drool and moisture.

I also very much enjoyed using these wipes in cucumber. Who’s the sucker for nice packaging?

I keep getting last minute Christmas shopping emails from the Gap. What I want to know is this: can I order Josh Duhamel? I think he’s one size fits all. He would look really cute wrapped in a bow in my apartment. SJP could come along for the ride, but I get dibs on Josh. I don’t think Terence will mind.

We have friends arriving from LA this evening. Our first visitors in the new place! Since this is cause for celebration, we have bought many cocktail fixings and have put champagne in the fridge. We never did find suitable window coverings so last night, we made drapes with our painter’s paper.

I managed to have a civil albeit aloof conversation with my mother yesterday. As predicted, she was annoyed with my Christmas list and wanted to know what else she could get me. “You just want those tennis shoes (Converse)? There’s nothing else? Can I buy you some of that perfume you like? The Annick Goutal stuff?” So I placated her and said I needed a refill for my Chanel No. 19 atomiser. This made her VERY EXCITED. I’d forgotten how much she likes shopping for perfume. (When I made my list, I made sure to ask for things that would send her to Nordstrom, since I know she LOVES shopping there. She loves it so much, she has an “I’d rather be shopping at Nordstrom” license plate holder thingie on her car.)

Ok, I’m going to call W now and find out why I never received my December issue. Some things are more pressing than others, some girls’ mothers are bigger than other girls’ mothers…

10:04 a.m. - 2004-12-20



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