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Merry Christmas to me

Christmas eve was fun. We ate caviar and blinis and drank a whole bottle of champagne. There was also yummy salmon and snowpeas and dessert was mousse au chocolat. A Russo-Japo-Franco fusion that sounds weird on paper, I know, but actually tasted very delicious and decadent.

We also watched Elf which I lovelovelove. The four food groups? “Candy, Candy Canes, Candy Corns, and Syrup!”

It was really grand to just be the two of us, no families competing for our attention, no mad dashes to different houses. We didn’t even have to shop like psychos this year which was nice.

Christmas day was also relaxing. A nice breakfast of bacon and one of my favorite savory confections (it’s a day-old baguette-cheese-butter-egg-faux soufflé confection that you bake, and it puffs up and oozes and gets crunchy and… heaven) plus fresh OJ and tea.

We opened some presents and I saved Terence’s for last. Which is a good thing because I was so floored and stunned and breathless when he handed it to me, there’s no way I could have continued with the opening of other gifts. I was that dumbstruck.

It was a Tiffany box. And it was heavy. A lot heavier than the boxes you get when you buy something in the cheapie sterling silver back room at Tiffany’s. This had a distinctly “front of the store” heft to it.

Diamond earrings, people. He got me diamond earrings for fucking Christmas. Little, perfect sparkly posts that I now love more than anything else he’s ever given me, and he’s given me some nice-ass gifts.

I can’t stop running to the mirror to stare at my ears. These things are so gorgeous!

5:23 p.m. - 2004-12-27



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