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Iíve got a few minutes to spare between projects.

The photography book Iíve been designing is nearly done. All the printouts are marked-up and collated (map, interior layout, jacket) and I am right now burning all the files to a cd. They squeak in at just under 500MB. Whew!

Once thatís done, I can get back to working on the brochure for my other client. Iíve got two concepts to present but right now, the documents are too big to be PDFd and emailed. So when the above cd is burned, Iíll set to work shrinking every single image file thatís placed in the brochures.

Oh, the tedium of graphic design! I spend more time stamping out technological fires and file managing than I do conceptualizing. Part of the problem is that my systems are almost all beyond their life expectancies and I donít yet have the means to replace them. But Iíd rather be bitching about broken printers and needing a new computer than working under a moronic boss in a fluorescently-lit office (pretty much rue-madameís professional life story pre-setting herself free.)

So much to do, and on top of everything, Iíve been helping TA update his resume, and craft an addendum to his grad school Personal Statement. Heís decided to re-apply, and fortunately the school still has his letters of rec, transcripts and portfolio on file. All he has to send in are the app, the fee, the addendum and a revised resume.

And of course, the deadline is tomorrow.

Last night as I was helping him, I said, ďWow, Iím so excited about going to grad school with you!Ē And he laughed. ďToo bad weíre only smart when we combine our brains!Ē he replied. Then I laughed. The fact of the matter is that he wouldnít have gotten his first degree without my help, and I would probably have dropped out of college without his encouragement.

I really hope he (we) gets in. TAís been spontaneously bursting into silly dances every since the program coordinator emailed him to see if he was still interested in grad school. I think thatís a good sign.

Other than workworkwork, Iíve been taking care of pesky things on my To Do list. I am proudest of having finally sent my cashmere to the reweaverís. Itís going to cost a bundle, but considering how much the sweaters were originally, itís really nothing. Good cashmere is an investment.

Ok, cd is done burning. Now itís time for verification, then FedEx! Woohoo! My life is so thrilling!

12:09 p.m. - 2005-01-06



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