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Mondays are weird

The new blinds make our whole apartment smell like Christmas morning toys. Barbie Dream House Eau de Happy Plastic.

The cool part is that they let light in, but offer a fair amount of privacy. I havenít tested that assumption with a) bare ass dancing in front of the windows, or b) flashing Terence while heís in the parking lot below, but believe me, when it gets warmer, I intend to.

Good morning, New Haven!

I designed all weekend for what? My client got fired at 9am west coast time today. Iím crossing my fingers that I will still be paid for the completed work, but you never know. People can be fuckers (but not my client. She already told me that if the company doesnít pay my invoice, she will. She, at least, has some integrity.)

This week is off to an interesting start.

2:44 p.m. - 2005-01-10



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